Jesus Is Returning Soon
Prophecies have been fulfilled in the past 150 years that foretell the return of Jesus. Find out about Jesus' Return





July 2018
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Just a closer walk with Thee

A guitar arrangement designed for sing along

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Episode 01 Jesus Describes His Return

We describe what Jesus said about His return

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Introduction to the Return of Jesus

an overview of Jesus is Returning Soon

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Learn how to be Saved

Learn how to inherit eternal life

Learn how to be forgiven

Learn how to be at peace

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Episode 02 the World Wide Earthquake

You host talks about the prophesied world wide earthquake that will soon commence.

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Mothers, Babies, and the Return of Jesus

If I am pregnant or nursing my baby when Jesus returns, what will happen to me and my baby?

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Episode 07 World Domination and the search for Peace

Learn how the 1st Seal was openned, how the 2nd Seal was openned and how they are open today.

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the 5th Seal, the Martyrs in Heaven

Learn why God allows Christians to be persecuted and die

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Episode 06, World suffering explodes in the 20th Century

Starvation, Malnutrition, crop failures, poverty vs. wealth

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Episode 05 World Hunger, Starvation, the Rich vs. the Poor

the 3rd Seal in John's Revelation is open. Fortunes are made while millions starve. Why is this?

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